mallowstreet University Roundtable – Good Leadership; Learning from the Crisis

Pardon the Interruption

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I recently had the pleasure of hearing Bart Heenk from Avida International and his team on a webinar and immediately thought to myself: these folks need to speak to the mallowstreet community.
So two or three weeks later, we were lucky enough to be joined by the experts from Avida and Strategia Worldwide for a discussion about good leadership.
The hour flew by, and it was a fascinating discussion that covered a number of points:
  • What do you need to have in place in order to lead effectively in a crisis?
  • What do you wish you had done before and what can you learn from previous mistakes?
  • Good leadership means having your house in order. Having ‘muscle memory’. Being resilient. Learning from this crisis to be better prepared for the next. Thinking strategically about the post-crisis situation.
To help inform the discussion, we asked attendees in advance to submit their questions and top concerns. These included: 
  • How to keep my team motivated / effective
  • Envisioning what the world would look like after the crisis
  • Funding gap/ratio, sponsor covenant
  • Liquidity (available collateral, cash, rebalancing, forced selling)
Discussions around the importance of each component of ‘ESG’ appeared. How are companies and organisations addressing the ‘E’, ‘S’, and ‘G’, and how is this impacting their reputation?
Thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions in advance and also during the discussion. I know we did not get to cover everything. 

For those who attended, what did you learn this morning and what questions do you still have? 

For everyone else, please post your questions and comments below – we will endeavor to get them answered!