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Unlike most years, mallowstreet has not experienced a summer slowdown in 2020 – the community has been buzzing and we are delighted to see so many contributions, comments, and likes across mallowstreet.com.
July has been a month of innovation for us as we published our first Insights Digest. As with all mallowstreet Insights, this Digest allows all our members to stay one step ahead by equipping them with key information, this time using our digital events platform to collect timely data ahead of events. 
In the Insights Digest, we reviewed the challenges and opportunities identified by more than 70 trustees and consultants who attended some of our events from May-July. 

The Insights Digest gives you: 
  • An understanding of trustee views on the Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Information on the top external risks they face and their concerns about market recovery 
  • Access to UK schemes liquidity needs and where their funds are seeing issues emerge 
  • Knowledge on where trustees see investment opportunities and areas of concern 

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