mallowstreet University Digital Roundtable: Finding Alpha in Emerging Markets - A Framework for Active Management Across the Fastest Growing Economies

“Think Globally, Invest Locally”. The majority of EM listed equities have no coverage internationally, creating information asymmetries which provide locally-based EM country teams with a significant informational edge and the ability to deliver strong alpha. 

Join the team from Milltrust, as they explain why they are challenging the all-too-common investor approach of only selecting one or two large global EM managers to fill an EM allocation quickly and “safely”, and instead are proposing an alternative investment solution that adapts to the changing EM landscape and captures the local alpha generated by locally-based specialist investment teams. It is one thing to keep an eye on 25 countries and quite another to analyse 1000+ companies in a world of increasing dispersion between countries, sectors and securities.

This morning session is accredited for CPD points by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) and is exclusively for pension fund decision makers and their advisers.