mallowstreet University Digital Investment Focus: Multi Strategy

During this online Investment Focus, delegates will break into two rotating Investment Masterclass sessions and hear from some world-class asset managers. We will look at the benefits of a diversified Multi Strategy portfolio in the wake of a global pandemic. And explore how best to deliver the risk-adjusted returns that investors demand. Over the course of the morning delegates will have the chance to question the speakers, and to learn from their peers. 

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisers and is available for CPD accreditation.



  1. Login & Access Meeting

    The Investment Focus will take place online via a ‘Zoom’ meeting (a widely used webcast meeting provider). We will provide further information, including an access link and password, to all attendees in advance of the event.
  2. Welcome & Introductions

  3. Rotating Investment Masterclass I: Liquid Diversifying Solutions to Protect and Grow Capital in Today’s Altered Landscape

    There is an emerging and uneasy discussion amongst investors who sense a major shift in asset allocation will be necessary going forward, driven by negative-yielding bonds and unstable correlations. Lacking, however, have been good solutions, with most relying on tenuous diversification hopes, which worked in the past but may prove deficient going forward. In this presentation, we will suggest a framework to assess the macro environment, highlight pitfalls in traditional diversification programmes, and propose liquid strategies to better grow and protect capital in the “new normal”.


    Clark Fenton, Portfolio Manager of the RWC Diversified Return Team, RWC Partners

  4. Refreshment Break

  5. Rotating Investment Masterclass II: A Golden Way to Diversify Risk and Deliver Resilience Over the Long-term

    Gold is often overlooked by pension funds and consequently remains under owned. However, as we emerge into a new financial world, traditional asset allocation strategies of the past are likely to undergo a pivotal shift. The rise and relevance of alternative investments, including gold is becoming more popular as investors hunt for new both new yield and sources of safety in portfolios. Furthermore, risk and return considerations are also evolving to include impact; in particular around ESG. Join this presentation by The World Gold Council to explore and understand: - The strategic role gold can play in a pension fund portfolio - Gold an alternative investment; and why it stands apart from the broader commodities complex - Gold’s ESG credentials - The outlook for gold against a backdrop of looming inflation and lower interest rates.


    Johan Palmberg, Senior Quantitative Analyst, World Gold Council

  6. Questions and Close of Investment Focus

  7. End