Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Co-Founder & Board Director

Prior to co-founding Redington and mallowstreet I was an investment banker at Merril Lynch, Natwest and before that a Barrister at the London Bar

Dawid is the former CEO and Co-Founder of mallowstreet, the online community for the UK pensions industry. 3000 members of the site represent over $2 trillion in pension fund assets through 500 pension schemes. Dawid believes that Pensions is the 6th Global Challenge, along with Global Security, Sustainability, Global Finance, Education and Health. It is Dawid’s worldview that by bringing together the great and the good within a challenged ecosystem, one is best positioned to leverage the benefits from the wisdom of the crowd and thus to solve the key challenges these industries face. Dawid is also Co-Founder of Redington, the successful investment consultancy set up in 2006 that advises large pension funds around the world on their risk management of assets and liabilities.