Stuart Breyer

Chief Executive Officer

From a Masters in Policy to heading up mallowstreet, the trajectory of my career has continued to reflect my passion for the betterment of the Pensions industry

Stuart is CEO of mallowstreet, the online and events platform for the UK institutional pensions industry. mallowstreet's goal is to help provide a better pension for everyone. After sustained and impressive growth it now has over 3,400 community members, and is establishing a presence in Europe and China. Prior to this role, Stuart worked at Redington, where he helped launch mallowstreet in 2009. Having graduated from Drexel University with an MBA, followed by several years at Susquehanna International Group in Philadelphia, Stuart moved to the UK to complete an Msc in Social Planning and Policy at the LSE in 2006. He’s still here and in his free time enjoys running and travel.