mallowstreet Digital Roadshow: Dublin

Pardon the Interruption

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We were joined this morning by a number of our Irish pension scheme and consultant members at the mallowstreet Digital Dublin Roadshow, and treated to two excellent presentations from Schroders and Franklin Templeton. 

First we heard from Louise Evans and Dean Heaney at Franklin Templeton who took us through the case for investing in Social infrastructure. Examples of this might be healthcare, education and other civic facilities and social housing. We discovered that there is now a funding gap where institutional investors now have an opportunity to make a 'dual return': long-term stable, inflation-linked cashflows as well as the impact return of social and environmental benefits to communities.

We also heard from Stephen Kam and James Montefiore at Schroders who took us through their thoughts on investing in China. They outlined where growth is coming from and what is driving productivity, the impact of urbanisation, the level of education in the country, the investment in R&D, and where the opportunities lie, and finally how the ability to invest in their domestic equity market has opened up to investors.

If you attended the event, what were your main thoughts and key take aways?