6 Exciting new features on mallowstreet

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This article is just an example of the content available to mallowstreet members.

On average over 150 pieces of new content are published from across the industry per month on mallowstreet. Members get access to the latest developments, industry views and a range of in-depth research.

All the content on mallowstreet is accredited for CPD by the PMI and is available to trustees for free.

We are very excited to announce and demonstrate 6 new functionality features on mallowstreet:

1. Mentions:

You can now mention people in your blog and forum comments. This works much like the familiar @ on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you want to bring someone into the conversation you can highlight them in the comments by writing their name with the @ prefixing the name and then selecting the person from the list that appears. Below is an image of how it works (or you can click here to watch a video of the functionality):

mention people to add them to the conversation


If you find content you wish to save, you can add them to your bookmarks. Just look for the bookmark icon on the right of the content action buttons in the heading and click to save the item to your bookmarks. Bonus here is that Blogs and Forums which are bookmarked sync between mallowstreet and mallowstreet mobile, so you can save articles to read later on your mobile (or vice versa):

Content action buttons from left to right: Like, Comment, Share and Bookmark

3. Sharing:

If you find content that you think is worth sharing externally (by email or social media) we have made that easier with the sharing link which is also in the content action buttons (third from the left above). Click this and select the method you want to share. Of course, readers wanting to read the content will need to be able to log into mallowstreet:

Share content externally

4. Adding images:

If you want to add images to your blog this is easily done by dragging and dropping the image into the content. You can also add a caption below the image (click on the image file name below and type the caption you'd like to appear:

add images to your blogs

5. Recommended content:

We have improved the content recommendations on mallowstreet and you can now find related content in the right-hand side, next to the article or forum you are reading as well as below the content. We also show the most relevant tags used to classify the content so that you can quickly and easily find other content using the same tags by simply clicking on the tag:

Recommended content and content tags

6. Podcasts of the Live Debates:

We have converted the audio from the latest live debates into audio only podcasts which you can access direct from the video page, like this one from the recent Unconstrained Bond Strategy Live Debate:

Podcasts of the Live Debates are now being added to the video page

As always, don't hesitate to let us know if you need any help with using the site or the mobile application (available on iOS and Android)

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