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Here at mallowstreet, we will be discussing the events at COP26 but also asking what the implications for our industry are. The technologies of the future, social infrastructure and initiatives to help keep the Paris Agreement on track will require huge sums of investment. How can the pensions industry fill the gap without losing sight of members’ interests? 

We will be talking to a host of industry leaders, posting thought leadership content over the course of the coming weeks as we try to learn together what the new global objectives to save our planet are. We want to hear from you, if you have views on the latest discussions, opinions on how trustees can improve their understanding of ESG, training requirements or macro issues we need to prioritise let us know.  

We as an industry will only be able to reach the next phase in our fight against the climate emergency if we learn together.  

If you haven’t joined or read about our climate charter, then here are the four pledges that many of your peers have signed up to in a personal capacity. The Climate Charter calls on trustees:  
  1. To ask, ’What is the impact on the climate?’ for each and every investment that is proposed; 
  2. to demand that the carbon impact of every investment is measured and reported on by asset managers and work actively and collaboratively to develop complete carbon measurement standards; 
  3. to insist that each investment manager actively engages with corporate boards underlying the investments, so that every company develops and discloses both a complete measure of their carbon impact and a clear business plan to transition to a low carbon future; and 
  4. to review, and ultimately recommend the termination of, any investment manager that fails to support and actively engage in stewarding the transition to a low carbon future. 
Click here to sign the charter and join our growing list of trustees who are helping to make a difference to future generations.  

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