mallowstreet LGPS Indaba


Delegates are expected to attend the full event. We do understand that this is a time commitment in diaries. Please do let us know if you need to step away for a call/meeting.

The mallowstreet LGPS Indaba* returns for 2023, bringing together some of the industry’s biggest influencers to hear a selection of interactive keynote presentations. These will be interspersed with five Investment Masterclass sessions, hosted by world-class asset managers, who will share how they manage portfolios, make decisions, view the investment landscape, and generate returns in a Solvency II regulatory environment.

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisers.

*An Indaba (pronounced in-dar-bah) is an important conference held by the izinDuna (principal people) of the Zulu or Xhosa people. The term comes from a Zulu language word meaning "business" or "matter".



  1. Registration & Breakfast

  2. Welcome Address

    Dawid provides an overview of the conference, speakers, and key themes for the Indaba.


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Co-founder of mallowstreet

  3. Setting a Course to Net Zero: What Role for Local Authority Pension Pools?

    The COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow brought the term "net zero" into sharp focus as leaders from across the globe made more and further-reaching commitments than ever before to try and halt the rate of global warming. But what does net zero mean? What is the reality of net zero targets for the companies we invest in, institutional investors and investment managers? For the LGPS, the need to decarbonise portfolios has become increasingly clear, however many decisions still need to be made, monitored and actioned. During this session, Gustave will explore the topic of Net Zero with a focus on the role of Local Authority Pension Pools in Supporting LGPS in the decarbonisation efforts.


    Gustave Loriot, London CIV

  4. Session Transition

  5. Investment Masterclass I

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  6. Tea, Coffee, and Networking

  7. Investment Masterclass II

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  8. Session Transition

  9. A Fireside Chat with Tony English

    With over 24 years of pensions experience, Tony has witnessed many changes to the investment arena. But arguably none so focused as those impacting the LGPS Landscape. In this session we will discuss key market trends including, the recent hikes in inflation, the shifting focus to impact investing and climate change awareness, as well as the Pooling agenda, and what these changes will mean for local government schemes.


    Tony English, Mercer with Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

  10. Lunch and Networking

  11. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Future Paths for Pooling

    As the first chair of the first LGPS investment pool, Sally will draw on her experience of the journey so far as chair of the Local Pensions Partnership Investments Limited to map out some future paths for pooling. 

    As the LGPS pools mature, what could good look like if pooling grows old gracefully? Where will bad outcomes mean we regret we making the effort to try? And why might it get downright ugly?

    As ever, Sally’s views are her own, and reflect some parting shots as she stands down from her role at the end of July 2023.


    Sally Bridgeland, Local Pensions Partnership

  12. Session Transition

  13. Investment Masterclass III

    Delegates split into fourInvestment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  14. Tea, Coffee, and Networking

  15. Investment Masterclass IV

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  16. Session Transition

  17. Impact Investing – LGPS Solving Society’s Problems or Opportunities to deliver Impactful Investment Returns

    It seems Pension Funds but especially the LGPS face ever more demands to invest their money to address not just global issues in terms of climate change and biodiversity but local issues to do with levelling up, funding business etc. Climate change for most has been a big focus in recent years, but how to identify new risks and address these are very much on Fund radars but also focused on opportunities which can still deliver returns but also demonstrate the impacts they can have to their scheme members and wider society. What are the opportunities and risks for Funds?


    Jill Davys, Redington

  18. Closing Remarks


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Co-founder of mallowstreet

  19. Drinks and Networking

  20. End