mallowstreet Private Markets Indaba


Delegates are expected to attend the full event. We do understand that this is a time commitment in diaries. Please do let us know if you need to step away for a call/meeting.

The Private Markets Indaba* is a chance for senior figures from the UK’s largest pension funds to discuss this very important set of asset classes in Private Markets and relevant investment opportunities for 2023 and beyond. You will hear from a selection of keynote speakers and take part in five interactive Investment Masterclass sessions specifically tailored to UK pension funds. 

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisers, and is accredited for CPD points by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI).

*An Indaba (pronounced in-dar-bah) is an important conference held by the izinDuna (principal people) of the Zulu or Xhosa people. The term comes from a Zulu language word meaning "business" or "matter".



  1. Registration & Breakfast

  2. Welcome Address


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Co-founder of mallowstreet

  3. Investing in Private Markets in Tighter Financial Conditions

    As the rate cycle approaches its pivotal point in major developed economies, investors are carefully assessing the future path of monetary policy and its implications for financial conditions. Uncertainties revolve around the persistence of inflationary pressures and the delayed impact of previous policy actions. In such an uncertain environment, making multi-year commitments to private investment strategies demands a clear understanding of long-term value drivers to effectively navigate through short-term volatility.


    Corrado Pistarino, Foresters Friendly Society

  4. Session Transition

  5. Investment Masterclass I

    Delegates split into five Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  6. Tea, Coffee and Networking

  7. Investment Masterclass II

    Delegates split into five Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  8. Session Transition

  9. How to Avoid a Bad Haircut: A More Structured Way to Manage Illiquid Assets

    Illiquid assets are inherently complex and we recognise that any exit must be considered alongside a scheme’s long-term objectives and constraints. Whilst evaluating exit routes for liquid assets is a relatively efficient and transparent process, the same cannot always be said for illiquid assets, but having the ability to contrast and compare provides new options for pension schemes. During this session, we will outline a framework to help you assess the strategic trade-offs for each illiquid asset in a structured manner, then leading into how you can access and execute in the secondary private markets today.


    Tricia Ward, Redington

  10. Session Transition

  11. Investment Masterclass III

    Delegates split into five Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  12. Lunch & Networking

  13. Managing Illiquid Asset Portfolios: What to do Better and What to Avoid

    Illiquid assets are starting to look more attractive in part as the LDI crisis of Q3 2022 took many pension funds to or over their asset allocation ambition to Illiquid Assets so that capital is quiet currently. However, we recognise that any investment must be considered on its on merit and risk return perspective. Risk return considerations are getting more interesting with credit now competing with equity. Whilst the concepts of relative value and sustainable investment do not have an universal definition, the current volatile, higher rates environment provides an appropriate window to debate these topics.


    Chris Palmer & Manuel Dusina, Phoenix Group

  14. Session Transition

  15. Investment Masterclass IV

    Delegates split into five Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  16. Tea, Coffee, and Networking

  17. Investment Masterclass V

    Delegates split into five Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  18. Session Transition

  19. A Fireside Discussion with Prasun Mathur

    With over 15 years of investment and leadership experience with insurance and banking organisations, Prasun brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to serve as Head of Private Assets at Aviva UK, where he is responsible for investing in private assets and delivering associated P&L for them.

    In this session, Prasun will discuss the benefits of private market investment and exploring how best to deliver the risk-adjusted returns that investors demand, as well as exploring the challenges and opportunities ahead for insurance companies and how private market investment plays its part.


    Prasun Mathur, Aviva

  20. Closing Remarks


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Co-founder of mallowstreet

  21. Drinks and Networking

  22. End