Webcast: AXA IM International Day for Biological Diversity

Biodiversity loss is occurring at an alarming rate and our human economic activity must change to stop this reaching cataclysmic levels.


People, including companies and financial institutions, both depend on and impact nature; we are all contributing to and being affected by nature change.


And while biodiversity loss costs the global economy 10% of its output each year, it’s estimated that around $700 billion a year of funding is needed to save nature in the coming years.


Our oceans, forests, land, lakes - and the plants and animals they support - are examples of the ‘natural capital’ at the heart of this need.


Join AXA IM’s Investment Institute experts as they share their insights on tackling biodiversity loss now.


• What lessons can be learned from climate-related initiatives?

• How should we view the relationship between nature and climate?

• What role has the financial industry to play?

• How can investors address biodiversity loss in their portfolios?