mallowstreet Fixed Income Showcase

Join us at this workshop as we hear from leading experts where we will be discussing the benefits of investing into Fixed Income and explore how best to deliver the risk-adjusted returns that investors demand. Over the course of the morning, you will have the chance to question the speakers and to learn from your peers.

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisers, and is accredited for CPD points by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI).



  1. Registrations, Breakfast & Networking

  2. Welcome & Introductions


    Tom Peterson, mallowstreet

  3. Investment Masterclass I - Credit, Where Credit's Due

    Is the role of credit within a scheme's portfolio to pay pensions, be a source of liquid collateral, or can it look to do both? We will explore the various features of corporate bonds and how schemes can consider tailoring portfolios to optimise outcomes for pension schemes.


    Amelie Chowna & Rose Ng - Legal & General Investment Management

  4. Session Transition

  5. Investment Masterclass II - Fixed Income Investing In A Net Zero World

    So much has changed in the fixed income world. Fixed Income has become now much more attractive as an asset class for institutional investors. However, aligning fixed income investment goals with net zero commitments can pose challenges and requires investors to balance conflicting priorities. Owen Murfin, MFS’ Institutional Portfolio Manager, explores the potential solution for a path towards net zero whilst finding better income within global credit, and provides case studies that have delivered client’s net zero alignment objectives.


    Kelly Tran & Owen Murfin – MFS

  6. Tea, Coffee & Networking

  7. Investment Masterclass III - Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The Case For Smaller Issuers Within Global High Yield

    The Global High Yield market is dominated by index-following, unconcentrated, large-issuer-heavy strategies. In our view, this leads to sub-par alpha and return generation and inefficient sourcing of yield. Artemis’ David Ennett will demonstrate how, by running a concentrated strategy focusing on the inefficient and under covered “tail” of the Global High Yield market, investors can access a differentiated and compelling solution.


    David Ennett & Dylan Watts – Artemis

  8. Thank You's and Close

    Details of Investment Masterclass to be confirmed, please check back for updates.

  9. Lunch & Networking

  10. End