mallowstreet Digital Indaba: Opportunities in a COVID-19 World


Delegates are expected to attend the full event. We do understand that this is a time commitment in diaries. Please do let us know if you need to step away for a call/meeting.

The world is not simply returning to 'normal’ even as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. The biggest economic setback since the 1930s, climate risk and growing geopolitical tensions make this a decade-defining moment. For pension funds, informed and timely decisions are therefore more important than ever. On 21st July mallowstreet will be hosting a new event: Opportunities in a COVID-19 World.

The Indaba is a chance for senior figures from the UK’s largest pension funds to meet and discuss key asset classes and investment opportunities for 2020 and beyond.

You will hear from a selection of keynote speakers and take part in three interactive Investment Masterclass breakout sessions.

The Indaba is available for CPD accreditation by the Pensions Management Institute and is exclusively for DB pension funds.



  1. Digital Registration and Technology Check

  2. Welcome Address

    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Co-founder of mallowstreet, provides an overview of the Digital Indaba, speakers and key themes.
  3. Pandemic by Numbers: How We Got Here and What Happens Next

    This is not the first time that a deadly virus has swept across the globe. But it is the first time that humans have been able to fight back. This is a battle where data and mathematics are among our most powerful weapons. In 2017, as part of a televised project with the BBC, a group of eminent mathematicians ran a simulation of what would happen if a flu-like epidemic swept through the UK. In this session Hannah will show just how eerily accurate the predictions were, and how the data collected from that gamified experiment has gone on to make a big difference to the current planning. She will also go through the most important data we have on the outbreak and highlight some of the subtle patterns that are easy to miss. By demonstrating how the modelling works in detail we will be able to see in numbers the impact (and knock-on effects) of various interventions, underlining in no uncertain terms the difficult choices we currently face. Followed by 10 minutes of interactive Q&A.


    Dr Hannah Fry

  4. Session Transition

  5. Investment Masterclass 1

    Delegates split into three digital Investment Masterclass sessions.
  6. Refreshment Break

  7. Bottling the sense of Crisis

    How can pension funds change their operating models to make more timely decisions and react more effectively in crises? Which of the opportunities presented by the COVID-19 ways of working should we strive to keep? Using a fictional case study of a trustee stuck in the old normal, we will discuss together how to improve strategic thinking, risk management, delegation and decision-making efficiency - in good times and bad.


    Sally Bridgeland and Bart Heenk, Avida International

  8. Session Transition

  9. Investment Masterclass II

    Delegates split into three digital Investment Masterclass sessions.
  10. Lunch

  11. Key Considerations - from the Consultant Corner

    In these unprecedented times, what are the top 3 things pension scheme trustees and investment teams should be considering? How can they position themselves to navigate through the crisis? Nick Self will give delegates some insight on how leading investment consultant Mercer are advising their clients.


    Nick Self, Mercer

  12. Session Transition

  13. Investment Masterclass III

    Delegates split into three digital Investment Masterclass sessions.
  14. Refreshment Break

  15. Expert Panel Discussion

    Panellists: Simon Lee, Marks and Spencer Pensions Trust & Mark Thompson, UBS (UK) Pensions & Life Assurance Scheme


    Chaired by Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Co-founder of mallowstreet

  16. Closing Remarks


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

  17. End