mallowstreet Digital Investment Focus: Emerging Markets

As new and exciting players to the global stage, emerging markets is an area of interest to all investors looking for opportunities further from home. Our expert presenters will share their experience, help attendees understand the risks as well as the opportunities in allocating to this fast growing and expanding asset class.

In this afternoon workshop we will hear from two managers who are experts in their respective strategies.

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisors and is available for CPD accreditation.



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    The Investment Focus will take place online via a ‘Zoom’ meeting (a widely used webcast meeting provider). We will provide further information, including an access link and password, to all attendees in advance of the event.
  2. Welcome and Introductions

  3. Rotating Investment Masterclass I: Emerging Market Debt: Where Do We Go From Here?

    In March 2020, many developing and emerging market countries hit a proverbial brick wall as a result of COVID-19’s rapid spread and government lockdown policies to contain the virus. The immediate aftermath was a sharp decline in GDP across countries, commodity price crashes and rapid devaluation of EM currencies, while developed market currencies remained relatively unchanged. To offset the severe economic shocks, Central Banks enacted record monetary stimulus programs resulting in lower government bond yields and a strong rally in risk assets. At Barings, we expect rates to stay lower for longer, quasi-sovereign bond spreads to converge with their respective sovereigns, and currencies to regain lost ground. If actual economic data remains weak, what happens to EM assets? Join us to learn more.


    Dr. Ricardo Adrogué, Head of Barings’ Global Sovereign Debt and Currencies Group.

  4. Refreshment Break

  5. Rotating Investment Masterclass II: Alpha Opportunities in Emerging Markets Equities

    Boston Partners Emerging Markets Dynamic Equity is particularly well-suited to these turbulent times as COVID-19 creates opportunities for long and short investments. At the micro level, clear opportunities have arisen because of the pandemic. On the long side, video games, grocery, food delivery, e-commerce, video conferencing, laptops, spend on hyper scale, and telco usage, have done well. These trends may be permanent because the duration of the new social arrangements imposed by Covid may have caused consumer habits to change, though it’s also possible in certain cases that demand has been pulled forward. Business models where social distancing cannot be maintained have been a bust: airlines, casinos, coffee shops, and ride hailing have all seen consumer demand collapse, creating shorting opportunities as well. Our on-going target: beating the benchmark, net of fees, at half the risk. These characteristics are beneficial diversification for any portfolio.


    Paul Korngiebel, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager, Boston Partners

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