mallowstreet University Dinner: What's Your End Game Plan?

End game planning is now an agenda item at most trustee meetings and many schemes have already started the journey that will take them to their final destination.


We welcome both trustee and corporate sponsors to join us for dinner to discuss current market trends, how to prepare your scheme for its final journey and to explore what the journey to buy-out might look like for you. 

This evening session is accredited for CPD points by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) and is exclusively for pension fund decision makers and their advisers.



  1. Guest Arrival and Welcome Drinks

  2. Seated for Dinner

  3. Service beings followed by Presentation and Discussion

    Join the team from Rothesay for dinner as we discuss current industry trends as well as exploring what the journey to buy-out may look like for your scheme.

  4. End