We all know something drastic has to happen, but the question is, “What?”

The climate charter was drawn up in July and we now have a growing number signatories representing pension funds managing hundreds of billions in assets benefitting millions of people.

Everyone knows there is a climate emergency and most people want to play their part in averting a catastrophe. This is existential stuff; if not for us then our children.

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89 Signed & Counting

  1. anne sander

    Trustee, Aviva Staff Pension Scheme

  2. robbie martin

    Investment Analyst

    Superannuation Arrangements Of The University Of London (SAUL)

  3. richard hill-tout

    Senior Communications Manager

    Superannuation Arrangements of the University Of London (SAUL)

  4. nils johnson


    Impact Advisers Capital LLC

  5. pete smith

    Senior Investment Consultant

    Barnett Waddingham

  6. john keenan

    Member nominated Pensioner Trustee

    Rolls Royce UK Pension Fund

  7. simon carlin

    Managing Director

    The Lost Coin Financial Planning Ltd

  8. stuart o'brien

    Legal Adviser


  9. paul stanbridge

    Professional Pensions Trustee

    Pensions Funds

  10. richard butcher

    Managing Director, PTL - the leading firm of professional trustees

  11. richard cousins

    Trustee and member of the investment committee

    PWC Pension Fund

  12. nick spencer

    Sustainable Investment Advisor

    Gordian Advice

  13. david moreton

    Investment Consultant


  14. andrew cole

    Chair Investment Committee

  15. denise le gal


    10 LGPS Funds of Brunel Pension Partnership

  16. faith ward

    Chief Responsible Investment Officer

    10 LGPS Funds of Brunel Pension Partnership

  17. shevonne mclarnon

    Trustee Director

    Lloyds Banking Group - Your Tomorrow

  18. alexandra noble



  19. chris hogg


    National Grid DB schemes

  20. peter scales

    Advising three LGPS funds on governance, chairing one local pension board and a member of one other .

    Dorset CC, LPFA, North Yorkshire CC, West Sussex CC and Wiltshire CC.

  21. adrian brown

    Senior Advisor


  22. andy dickson

    Head of Business Development

    Atlas Master Trust

  23. alan whalley

    Atlas - chair of trustees Coal - trustee and chair of risk and assurance sub-committee

    Atlas Master Trust British Coal Staff Superannuation Scheme

  24. gary smith

    CEO and Member of Investment Sub-Committee

    Atlas Master Trust

  25. paul mcbride

    Head of Risk & Governance

    Atlas Master Trust

  26. ravil varsani

    Investment Analyst

    Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL)

  27. anna lees-jones

    Investment Committee

    TPT, JWL

  28. ros altmann



  29. john williamson

    Managing Director - provider of ESG & Effectiveness Reviews to Trustee Boards


  30. john dutton

    Scheme Secretary


  31. trevor castledine

    Independent Consultant / Advisor

    ex Lancashire County Pension Funs and LPPI

  32. kevin wade

    Chief Investment Officer

    Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL)

  33. chris wagstaff

    Independent Trustee/Chair, Investment Committee/Non-voting F&IC member

    National Grid UK Pension Scheme; Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund; Atkins Pension Plan

  34. susan gostick


    BNP Paribas DC Pension Schemes

  35. diane cheeseman

    Formerly Pensions Manager, Pension Trustee

    Formerly Nixdorf Computer and PwC Pension Fund

  36. vassos vassou

    Professional Trustee

    XPO Pension Scheme, various others

  37. steve catchpole

    Pensions Investment Director

    Aviva Staff Pension Scheme and other Aviva sponsored schemes

  38. frances deakin

    Head of Responsible Investment

    Local Pensions Partnership

  39. sean kelly

    MNT Chair

    SIS Outside Broadcasts Pension Fund

  40. ray makepeace

    Trustee / Investment Committee Member


  41. andy scott

    Professional Independent Trustee

    NCR (Scotland) Pension Plan Macphie Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme

  42. alejandro rodriguez

    Portfolio manager

    Local Pensions Partnership

  43. barry parr


    Carey Workplace Mastertrust, Salvus Mastertrust

  44. jim haynes

    Trustee/Director & Chair

    J.P. Morgan Chase Pension Plans

  45. antony barker

    Managing Director, Asset & Liability Management

    The Pension Superfund

  46. william medlicott

    Chairman of the Investment Committee


  47. rohan worrall

    Trustee / Adviser

    Allied Irish Bank UK PF Merseyside PF

  48. nasser butt


    Horizon Housing

  49. andrew elliott

    Scheme Secretary


  50. rob schreur

    Chief Investment Officer

    National Grid UK Pension Scheme

  51. robert gardner

    Director of Investments

    St. James's Place Wealth Management

  52. nicholas wheeler

    Chairman of Trustees

    Volvo Group UK Retirement Plan & various

  53. kevin clark

    Independent Trustee


  54. dinesh visavadia

    Trustee and Chair


  55. ian mckinlay

    Chief Investment Officer

    Lloyds Banking Group staff pension schemes

  56. bob coppage

    Commercial Director

    Pensions Management Institute

  57. duncan willsher

    Independent Professional Trustee at 20-20 Trustees


  58. rachel neill

    Investment Manager

    Smart Pension

  59. karen shackleton

    Independent investment adviser

    Advising four LGPS funds

  60. jonathan hughes

    Risk Advisor

    National Grid

  61. sally bridgeland


    Lloyds Bank Pension Schemes 1 & 2, HBOS, Local Pensions Partnership

  62. david gamble



  63. alan rankin

    Trustee, Chair of Governance Committee

    National Grid UK Pension Scheme

  64. jamie goodfellow

    Governance Manager

    National Grid

  65. tony earnshaw

    Independent trustee/chair of trustees


  66. lois tullo

    Vice Chair

    Richview Residence Reserve Fund

  67. clarisse simonek

    Investment Strategy

    Local Pension Partnership

  68. alexandra loydon

    Divisional Director

    St. James's Place Wealth Management

  69. john jones

    Pension Board Chair

    No Fund Listed

  70. john chilman

    Chief Executive - RPMI Independent Trustee - Nestlé UK Pension Fund

    Railways Pension Scheme Nestlé UK Pension Fund

  71. michael woodmore

    Independent trustee

    Agility Pension Plan

  72. niraj patwa

  73. christopher lawrence


    University of East Anglia Staff Superannuation Scheme

  74. terry webster

    Independent Consultant and Professional Trustee

  75. mark austin


    Northern Trust Pension Plan

  76. nic jones

    Independent Consultant and Trustee

  77. mike ward

    Chair, Trustee Board and Member of Investment Committee

    FPPS (Friends' Provident now owned by Aviva)

  78. michael clark


    Cincinnati Machine Pension Plan

  79. meredith gibson


    Citi UK Pension Scheme; Clifford Chance Pension Scheme

  80. andrew barker


    The Telent Pension Office G.E.C. 1972 Plan

  81. rosie lacey

    Pensions Manager

    FundDe La Rue plc Pension Scheme

  82. jonathan glen



  83. karen jones

    Pensions Secretary

    AVIVA Staff Pension Scheme; Mineworkers' Pension Scheme

  84. ross reason

    Stanhope Pension Fund

  85. david adkins

    Lloyds Bank Pension Schemes No 1 & No 2; HBOS Final Salary Scheme

  86. nigel stapleton

    Chairman of Trustees

    National Grid plc National Grid UK Pension Scheme DB

  87. mark tennant

    Chairman of Trustees

    Centrica plc Centrica Pension Scheme

  88. paul trickett

    Chairman of Trustees; Trustee

    Santander UK Group Pension Scheme; Coal Pension Trustees Pension Scheme; Railways Pension Scheme

  89. peter elwin

    Member-nominated Trustee Director

    Jp Morgan Cazenove 1987 Pension Scheme