The Silver Linings Competition: Putting the ‘S’ in ESG

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting the Silver Linings Competition Webinar for the mallowstreet community. I'm grateful to everyone who attended.

In a nutshell, the Silver Linings Competition is looking for new, investible, implementable ideas in terms of how care for older generations might be re-thought, re-worked, joined-up and importantly financed. The aspiration is to have positive impact on the individuals themselves, society in general, and with outcomes that are more environmentally friendly, and improve longevity, quality of life and wellbeing overall.
At mallowstreet (as many of you well know) we focus on the five types of capital:

  • Purpose capital
  • Time capital 
  • Innovation capital
  • Financial capital
  • Social capital
The Silver Linings Competition addresses all of these types of capital. In our webinar, we heard Hugh Wheelan from Responsible Investor interview community members Sally Bridgeland (Independent Trustee and NED) and Dr Rachel Melsom. They explained why the competition was created, what they are looking to achieve, and crucially how the Silver Linings team hope to make getting older a better experience for pension beneficiaries.
They are agnostic on how this could be achieved and are looking for investable ideas that could (with further input, if required) be translated into practical solutions to solve problems in care of older people. Applications are now being accepted here:
A huge thank you to everyone who participated yesterday. What were your main takeaways, and what questions do you still need answered?