Case Study: How working with mallowstreet is helping Rothesay provide engaging thought leadership

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Rothesay has partnered with mallowstreet to produce the annual Pension Risk Transfer Report for five years in a row. This article highlights the ways they use timely insights to uncover ‘emerging trends in the DB endgame market and supplement the launch of their yearly buy-out publication.

Gathering trusted and timely evidence to support educational content

At the start of our partnership in 2020, there was an increasing focus on end-game solutions from trustee boards. Against this backdrop, Rothesay started working with mallowstreet to gain further insight into trustees’ priorities and present this survey as part of an industry leading thought leadership publication –  ‘The Journey to Buy-out’.

Each year we worked closely with Rothesay’s business development team to develop the survey and contribute to further publications. This typically took around three months, and each year we updated the questions to ensure we kept pace with regulatory changes and new market developments. 

mallowstreet Insights sent the survey to a targeted audience of DB trustees and consultants selected from our community of over 4,000 vetted members. Each year it took around four weeks to gather an average of 60 qualified responses. 

We then took one month to analyse the data. This process entailed anonymising and validating responses and extensive segmentation analysis where we identified the greatest differences between respondent groups. After preparing the report, we met with Rothesay to discuss the findings and share our recommendations.

For several years, Rothesay’s publication, ‘The Journey to Buy-out’, has featured a collection of articles and educational commentary from industry experts as well as Rothesay, alongside insights about DB endgame preparation gathered by mallowstreet. This includes a full chapter dedicated to an overview of the most notable year-on-year changes and trends uncovered by mallowstreet Insights.

Highlighting the yearly research and buy-out journal with a multi-pronged outreach strategy

The first year of our partnership included a four-week marketing campaign which consisted of social media posts and an announcement article. We also hosted the public report on the mallowstreet website and promoted it in our weekly newsletter. This campaign was highly successful and helped draw attention to the report and Rothesay’s ‘Journey to Buy-out’ publication.

Rothesay also regularly engages with trustees and key decision-makers at industry events, and since starting our partnership has sponsored over 20 mallowstreet events. Hosting such forums provides an invaluable opportunity for their business development team to facilitate knowledge-building discussions and directly answer trustees’ questions about the steps to buy-out.

Credible content at the heart of every brand 

Given the evolving UK institutional landscape, it is more important than ever that solution providers not only address the different needs of a broader range of investors, but also deeply understand their challenges. Credible content plays a key role in this – and equips solution providers with content that has longevity. Contact our team if you want to place credible content at the heart of your brand and establish your organisation as a thought leader in the industry. 

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