What’s ahead for 2017

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What’s ahead for 2017

After the US election, I was certain that 2016 would be remembered as the year when politics became predictably unpredictable (here’s a blog I wrote last month).

The landscape in the UK has changed significantly in the last twelve months. The UK voted to leave the EU, we said goodbye to David Cameron, and now we have a new Prime Minister who has promised to trigger Article 50 before March 2017. Yes, we live in interesting times.

So what’s been front of mind for the mallowstreet community? The top search terms from November offer an interesting insight.

Top November Search Terms (www.mallowstreet.com)

1. US Election Results

2. Transparency

3. Direct Lending

4. Brexit

5. Investment Consultants

6. De-Risking

7. Fixed Income

8. Infrastructure

9. Sustainability / ESG

10. Growth Assets

The big question that is starting to be discussed is the outlook for 2017. How will the global political landscape change, and what will be the impact on trade and investments?

As pension funds navigate these choppy waters, we have a question:

What are the biggest issues you are most concerned about for 2017? What government policy changes should we expect? And finally, what is the outlook for financial markets?

2016 was an amazing year on mallowstreet!

Since January of this year, we have seen over 1,700 new posts on mallowstreet:

  • Blogs 829
  • Papers 437
  • Forums 336
  • Videos 98

I want to thank all of our community members for an amazing year and encourage you all to continue to be part of the discussion as we do our part in helping to solve the pensions and savings crisis.

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