Looking for Growth and De-Risking – In a World of President Trump

Pardon the Interruption

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As another year drew to a close, mallowstreet members came out in force to share their insights and predictions for the year ahead.

With 2017 set to bring us another year of uncertainty ahead, many of our members attempted to predict the impact on trade and investments across markets.

So what were we all talking about?

Some of the key discussions focused on what a Trump presidency actually means for markets, and asked how pension fund trustees should be responding.

In the same vain, it is clear the community is very interested in the topic of de-risking – understanding what tools are available to help pension funds meet all member payouts in full.

January 2017 Search Terms

The top ten search terms from January reveal that the mallowstreet community are on the hunt for returns, and also concerned about risk and transparency.

Top Search Terms: January 2017




4.Fixed Income


6.Active Management

7.Defined Benefit

8.Defined Contribution

9.Delivering returns

10.Economic outlook

Let us know what your big predictions are for the year ahead and join the discussions today.

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