Shifting Political Tectonic Plates

Pardon the Interruption

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On the 18th April, Theresa May surprised almost everyone by calling for a snap General Election. With Parliament now dissolved, the campaigns are in full swing. If polls are to be trusted (perhaps they just gained some credibility after the French elections yesterday), then the Conservatives are on course to gain a significant majority in the Commons. But election fever wasn’t top of mind for the mallowstreet community. Take a look at the top search terms for April: Top Search Terms: April 2017 1. Cost and Fees 2. Fiduciary Management 3. De-Risking 4. Brexit 5. Diversified Growth Fund / DGF 6. Sustainability 7. Real Assets / Infrastructure 8. Risk Premia 9. Volatility 10. Currency Management The big discussions on mallowstreet last month were focused on Fixed Income, ESG, and how new technologies can help to manage pension funds. [ Check out the forums to join in the trending discussions.]( This month, we are asking the community a specific question: Should the next Government abolish the ‘Triple Lock’? [ Click here to vote today!](

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