The Month of May

Pardon the Interruption

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This week millions of Voters will head to the polls for the General Election. The past six weeks have been anything but ordinary, with Theresa May’s commanding lead seeming to dwindle day by day as the 8th of June approaches. After the horrible Terror Attack in London over the weekend, we now understand that the General Election will proceed as planned.

There is certainly a clear choice on Thursday, with the Conservatives and Labour outlining very different policies that will help shape and define the UK’s future. Indeed, 75% of the mallowstreet community believe it was in the UK’s best interest to hold a snap election. When it comes to pensions, a recent mallowstreet survey shows that 70% of members the next Government should abolish the Triple Lock.

Top 10 Search Terms: May 2017

1. General Election

2. Infrastructure

3. Currency Risk

4. Brexit

5. Risk Management

6. Sustainability / Carbon

7. DGF

8. Fiduciary Management

9. Fees and Investment Costs

10. Property

Politics and Brexit will likely continue to dominate discussions over the coming months. The interesting thing we have noticed, is many pension funds are trying to understand and capitalise on some of the opportunities that this presents.

Over the course of the summer, we will be talking a closer look at a number of different asset classes, with the aim of helping to understand how they may (or may not be) suitable for pension funds. We are currently focusing on emerging markets, so join the discussion today.

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