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September was an incredibly busy month on mallowstreet with 49 new blog posts, and lots of activity in the Forums.   We also saw hundreds of new connections, and countless follow up meetings from people who’ve connected through mallowstreet.

The top 10 Search Terms from September reveals the community is thinking about Demographics, what to do in a low-return environment and what longer-term horizons might provide/return.

Top 10 Search Terms

  1. Demographics
  2. Low return
  3. Emerging markets
  4. Factor investing
  5. Achieving impact
  6. Cyclicals
  7. Fiduciary managers
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Multi-asset investing
  10. ABS

A Focus on Defined Contribution

Earlier this month, we hosted the Defined Contribution Indaba*. An opportunity to meet other leading professionals who work in the DC arena, single-mindedly focused on helping to solve the pensions and savings crisis.  

We heard about the urgent need for purpose and responsibility within the industry, considered the new normal of a 100 year life, reflected on the plethora of robots that are stealing our jobs, and explored what it means to think outside of that famous ‘black box’. Investment Masterclass sessions from AB (Member Driven Investment), BlackRock (Multi-Asset Revisited), First State Investments (A strategy that balances competing objectives), Invesco (Strategies in ESG), and Schroders (The benefits of Factor Investing) brought everyone up to speed on a range of asset class opportunities.

Finally, we discovered those elusive, but essential, components of elite performance and team work. Click here to catch up on what happened at the Indaba and to share ideas about the changes needed for Defined Contribution 2.0.

*An Indaba is an important conference held by the izinDuna (or, great leaders) of the Zulu people. The term comes from a Zulu word meaning “business” or “matter”.

A Closer Look at Sustainability and Responsible Investment

Another trending theme over the past six months has been sustainability and responsible investment.  On the 15th of November, we are bringing together a cross section of the mallowstreet community for an interactive event.  We will address a number of questions:

I hope you are able to join us for what will be a highly educational and very focused morning.

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