Taking The Pulse of Pension Fund Trustees

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Top 10 Search Terms: October 2017

  1. Active vs Passive
  2. Fixed Income
  3. Mortality
  4. Cash flow
  5. Investment trust
  6. Pension Scheme Accounts
  7. Alternative Risk Premia
  8. Brexit
  9. Commercial Mortgage
  10. DC

Interestingly, the theme that keeps emerging is Responsible Investment and Sustainability.

A Focus on Sustainability and Responsible Investment.

Next week I’m hosting a morning workshop that is taking a close look at Sustainability and Responsible Investment. In advance of the workshop, delegates have been emailing questions that they would like to see covered. So far I’ve received questions about how to evaluate ESG funds, what are the benefits from divesting from Tobacco stocks, how to create a carbon neutral portfolio, and is all of this actually now a fiduciary responsibility for trustees?

This is such an important topic for pension funds to consider, and I’ll make sure to share a full set of all the questions discussed on mallowstreet.com next week.

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