Themes from the mallowstreet community, and Planning Ahead for 2018

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November was an incredibly busy month on mallowstreet, with more than 100 new blogs, papers, videos and forum discussions posted by the community. 

The Top 10 search terms revealed that Investment (particularly investment strategy) is front of mind for members as they consider strategic asset allocation decisions for next year.
Top 10 Searches in November

  1. Investment
  2. Trusteeship
  3. Data Protection
  4. DC
  5. Recession
  6. Yield
  7. Fixed Income
  8. Governance
  9. Interest rates
  10. Real estate

Looking Ahead to 2018: Key Themes

This year we’ve seen a snap election, bumpy Brexit negotiations, rising equity markets, and the first interest rate increase by the Bank of England in 10 years. We’ve posed the following questions to the community: What is top of your agenda for 2018? What’s keeping you up at night?  And what are your expectations for 2018?  You can click here to join the discussion.

The other trending discussion over the past few weeks has been on Sustainability and Responsible Investment. For context, in mid-November we gathered a group of about 20 pension funds to tackle some of the big questions surrounding this topic, and finished the morning with a discussion that focused on the following question: 

Does the panel believe that due to the advocacy created from the tPR, activist lawyer groups, the actuarial profession and EU mean that understanding and managing Sustainability and Responsible Investment risks is now a fiduciary duty for trustees and their advisors? 

The discussion is active in the forums, and it’s clear this is one of the key questions that pension funds are grappling with as they continue to integrate ESG and sustainability requirements into their investment strategies.  

And finally, a big welcome to the 50 new members who joined the community this month.  

Thanks for all of your contributions, as we do our part in helping to solve the pensions and savings crisis.

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