March mallowstreet Update: Sustainability, Defined Contribution, DB Consolidation

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March certainly entered like a Lion, but didn’t quite leave like a Lamb. 

It was a busy month on mallowstreet, with more than 40 new members joining the community, and over 100 unique pieces of fresh content added to the site before the Easter break.

As I mentioned in my post last month (In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb), Sustainability and ESG were clear priorities for pension funds. April is no different, with Development Goals and Sustainability taking the top two places for terms searched.  A huge thank you to everyone who got in touch directly about this topic - we will be running our focus event on it in September (more details to follow).

Top 10 Searches in March

  1. Development goal
  2. Sustainability
  3. Fiduciary Management
  4. LGPS
  5. Inflation
  6. ESG
  7. Pooling
  8. DB Consolidation
  9. Defined Contribution
  10. Education

Themes of managing Risk remain, and it is interesting to see Fiduciary Management move to the third most popular search term. Is this something your pension fund is considering?  It is also interesting to note that ‘DB Consolidation’ and ‘Pooling’ are front of mind for mallowstreet members.  Is this the likely direction of travel for the industry? Will it make it more efficient and provide better outcomes for members in retirement?

Looking at Defined Contribution

I’ve been following the conversations about Defined Contribution, specifically around DC Decumulation, on mallowstreet this month. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far.  It is well worth checking out the research that has been posted around this topic.  We continue to do a lot of work in this area and DC trustees are joining mallowstreet on a regular basis.  

Whether you are a pension fund, consultant or asset manager – what are you currently doing in Defined Contribution?

Visit the Defined Contribution forum discussion and share your views and insights with the community today.

And watch this space, we’ve got a few big announcements coming up in the next few weeks! 

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