Getting ready for a revamped

Pardon the Interruption

This article is just an example of the content available to mallowstreet members.

On average over 150 pieces of new content are published from across the industry per month on mallowstreet. Members get access to the latest developments, industry views and a range of in-depth research.

All the content on mallowstreet is accredited for CPD by the PMI and is available to trustees for free.

You will soon see a revamped from mid-June, all of our blogs, forums and videos will be presented through a new version of the site we call The Feed. The Feed still also includes content and insights generated by the community, expert contributors, and our own social media team.

David Scholtz and the development team have done an amazing job in building The Feed. It is clean, easy to use, and I hope that our new CPD Centre - an area of where you can gain professional accreditation that is PMI certified - will be of use to all of our pension fund members.

We’ve also bolstered the team. A big welcome to Sandra Wolf (Editor) and Sam Rossiter (Investor Relations Manager) who have joined mallowstreet to help with the launch of The Feed, inject new ideas and support mallowstreet as we continue to grow.

And, of course, business continues as usual. One of the questions I get asked most is, what’s the mallowstreet community really interested in? The top 10 search terms below provide a clear indication.

Top 10 Searches in May

  1. ESG 
  2. Impact Investing
  3. Responsible Investment
  4. Cash Flow Management
  5. Governance
  6. Defined Contribution
  7. Liability Driven Investment (LDI)
  8. Fixed Income
  9. Emerging Markets
  10. Buyout

I’ve written about Sustainability as a trending theme before, but this month, I was surprised to see that ESG, Impact Investing, and Responsible Investment made up a third of all search terms, showing the growing interest in this area.

Haven’t been on mallowstreet recently?  Do check it out mid-June, as the site will be a very different experience to our current platform thanks to The Feed.

Finally, we are looking for a few last trustees to join our Expert Panel of 30 contributors who are signing up to share their thoughts and insights with the community via regular blog contributions. This has been immensely well-received –  the pieces that have already come in are excellent and will be published in a few weeks.  If you’d like to get involved, or learn more about this initiative, just drop me a line.

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