October Round Up: Top Search Terms, A Growing Community, Investing in Technology

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We are growing – as a community, and team
mallowstreet is growing – not just in numbers (97 members joined last month alone!), but our engagement levels continue to increase with our new website and CPD Educational Centre. 
In October, there were more than 160 unique pieces of content posted, and more than 70 comments on several different topics. 
Also this month, we welcome Tom Peterson, our new Digital Engagement Manager, to the team. Tom will be working closely with our members, helping to ensure they have the best experience using mallowstreet.
We are investing in our technology
We have now launched the new CPD Centre as well as enhanced membership directories, and shortly we will roll out revamped profile pages. Here are two top tips from the team to ensure your content is getting the most engagement across the community:
  1. ensure your individual and company profiles are updated; and
  2. leave a comment on one of your pieces of content, as well as another member’s.
This allows us to make sure we are delivering the most relevant and helpful content and discussions for everyone.
Trending topics and themes 
Last month we hosted a mallowstreet Live on Defined Contribution and TechnologyIt proved to be a popular topic, attracting over 225 views. But the most popular article on mallowstreet was ‘What is an independent trustee?’ – attracting over 275 views and several comments. 
The top 10 search terms highlight what is front of mind for trustees on mallowstreet.
Top 10 Searches in October
  1. Governance
  2. ESG
  3. CDC
  4. Regulation
  5. Sustainability
  6. Education
  7. Defined Contribution
  8. Property
  9. Policy
  10. Audit
We now have a limited number of spaces available at our educational events for the rest of the year. For more details on our events schedule, please click here.
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