A growing and engaged community: Tips for using mallowstreet and top November search terms

Pardon the Interruption

This article is just an example of the content available to mallowstreet members.

On average over 150 pieces of new content are published from across the industry per month on mallowstreet. Members get access to the latest developments, industry views and a range of in-depth research.

All the content on mallowstreet is accredited for CPD by the PMI and is available to trustees for free.

Update from mallowstreet HQ

A big welcome to Tom Peterson, who joined the mallowstreet team this month. Tom is mallowstreet’s Digital Engagement Manager, and is focusing his time on ensuring that all members have the best experience using the Feed, and the entire mallowstreet.com platform. If you have suggestions for mallowstreet, please feel free to get in touch.

Three tips for mallowstreet members

As we were reviewing our statistics this month, we wanted to share three key tips with members when sharing articles on mallowstreet:

  1. Visual – always try and use an image to support an article you are posting;
  2. Comments – leave comments on your pieces, and pieces posted by other community members. Do two comments this month if you can;
  3. Profiles – make sure all of your user profiles are fully up-to-date.

A growing and engaged community

Last month, we welcomed 49 new users onto the platform, over 30% of whom hold trustee roles. The top 10 search terms highlight what is front of mind for trustees on mallowstreet.

Themes for 2019

We are in the final planning for 2019 – and four key themes are starting to emerge:

Watch this space, as we will have more on each of these topics early next year.

Finally, if you know someone who should join mallowstreet, please invite them to join our growing community today!

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