An awesome 2018 for mallowstreet: a growing and engaged community, research, and new features coming soon

Pardon the Interruption

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Looking back at 2018
Last year was a transformational year for mallowstreet. The launch of The Feed saw engagement levels soar, and we welcomed over 600 new members, all of whom work directly with pension funds.  Over the course of the year, we hosted 35 education events, with 479 attendees, from over 300 pension funds / organisations, who control more than £1.5 trillion of assets. Our membership now looks after the collective pensions of over 18 million people in the UK.
This growing and powerful network allows mallowstreet to continue to work at the intersection of long-term savings, education and technology to help society improve its financial future. We empower collaboration and education to improve the way the world saves and invests for a better future and a better world. I am proud to lead such a dynamic organisation and excitedly await what this year will bring.
What’s Top of Mind?
Members we speak to broadly fall into one of three buckets: those who are looking for return seeking assets, those who are looking to generate income, and those who are looking to buyout. More on that later.
No matter the group a user is in, the top 10 search terms reveal what is top of mind for mallowstreet members, and we found it interesting ‘bumpy ride’ appeared in the top 10 list – a sign of things to come in 2019?
Top 10 Search Terms (January 2019)
  1. Governance
  2. Regulation
  3. Education
  4. Risk
  5. Emerging Markets
  6. Master-Trust
  7. Defined Contribution
  8. Currency Hedging 
  9. Bumpy Ride
  10. Actuarial
Member Research
Back to the three groupings I mentioned above, we are doing some more in-depth research on Income and Cashflow Driven Investment strategies.  There is a great discussion on mallowstreet (click here) and some of the responses to our survey have been fascinating.  We will be sharing high level results from the survey to the community later this month.
New Developments
A very big welcome to the 82 new users onto the platform in the first two months of 2019, over 70% of whom hold trustee roles.  Know someone who should join mallowstreet? Invite them to join today.
Our development team are hard at work building new features for mallowstreet, and helping to make everyone’s user experience that much better, and that much easier. If you have a suggestion for us, do get in touch.  We will be sharing some of our upcoming plans on this blog in the next few weeks.

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