November update - 10 years of mallowstreet!

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This November, mallowstreet turns 10. It wouldn’t be possible without our members, our clients, and the incredible mallowstreet team. A few months ago, we took a step back and asked ourselves why we ultimately created mallowstreet: to help ensure a Better retirement for everyone. A huge mission and goal, but totally achievable when you bring the insights, wisdom, and knowledge of the entire community.
Reflecting our ever present purpose, October was one of the busiest months on mallowstreet. In fact, every month seems to set a new record of activity, from comments, visits, new members!
A large part of our job is to listen to the community, understand where they need help, and fill that gap where we can. The top 10 search terms from October reveals what is front of mind for trustees, and serves as a good case study.
Top 10 Search Terms
  1. Governance
  2. Education
  3. RPI
  4. ESG
  5. Master Trusts
  6. Partial Transfers
  7. DC
  8. CDC
  9. Risk
  10. DB
We found it interesting that Governance and Education were the most popular search terms. Clearly, the business of ‘how to run an excellent pension fund’ is top of mind for most.
Our job as facilitators (and a platform) is not only to bring people together to build relationships and new connections, but also to challenge ourselves, our biases, and see things rom a different perspective. As a result of this, on the 3rd of December, we are hosting the inaugural mallowstreet Culture in Investment Management Conference. There is sufficient empirical evidence to support the view that good culture leads to greater investor returns, higher employee engagement, and a better client experience. Over the course of the morning, we will examine the following question: what does good culture look like and why is it important to investors?
It is shaping up to be a fantastic morning and we now have just a few spaces remaining.  
To register for the Culture in Investment Management Conference, click here.

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