2020 - A new year, a new decade and new records for mallowstreet

Pardon the Interruption

This article is just an example of the content available to mallowstreet members.

On average over 150 pieces of new content are published from across the industry per month on mallowstreet. Members get access to the latest developments, industry views and a range of in-depth research.

All the content on mallowstreet is accredited for CPD by the PMI and is available to trustees for free.

We hope that 2020 has been treating you well so far. It has been an incredible start to the year on mallowstreet, with record numbers of users, sessions and page views. You, the community, are highly engaged on the platform and it is great to see the quality of discussion on the site. Thank you! 
The growth in site activity comes off the back of our Trustee Survey and Report in partnership with the AMNT, PLSA and the PMI which has had 200 participants and over 365 downloads since launch. The project conducted by mallowstreet Insights has created discussion on the platform and has received considerable coverage in the media
To find out more about our research and the other reports we are conducting, please contact us and we’ll happily showcase our latest findings. 

Top 10 Search Terms: December/January 

  1. Governance 
  2. Trustee Report 
  3. Regulation 
  4. ESG 
  5. Master trusts 
  6. Member consultation 
  7. MNTs 
  8. Risk 
  9. Bulk annuity 
  10. Culture 
Following on from our Culture Conference, it is great to see that members are searching for content on culture through mallowstreet as it becomes a priority for all individuals and organisations across the community. In the coming weeks, we will have more great content and updates on culture, stay tuned. 
We have some great events coming up in Q1, make sure to keep an eye out and register early to avoid missing out. 

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