Storms, a virus and culture - February had it all​

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We live in uncertain times. As Covid-19 spreads throughout the world, market volatility has increased. Some Central Banks are making policy changes, and everyone is asking the same question: how are the next few weeks going to unfold?
We’ve seen activity on mallowstreet increase significantly, as trustees are using as a resource to access insights from across experts in the community. As a result, we saw more than 65 comments across the platform last month.
Last month, we also hosted our latest session from the Culture in the Workplace Series: an evening with Sebastian Stanley. It was a phenomenal evening, and I encourage everyone to read the comments and reactions to my recent blog post.  The Culture in the Workplace series will continue with more events and discussions to be hosted in the coming months.
February also saw the launch of the mallowstreet Private Debt Report Summary in partnership with M&G Investments. If you haven't already downloaded the Report Summary, please visit the research section of

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