The 'S' (Society) Factor

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to find the words to articulate how I feel. As an American citizen, watching events unfold in the United States has filled me with both horror and sadness. I find myself asking many fundamental questions. 
I was raised as a Quaker and embraced it and what it stood for. After all, the Quakers were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947. While Quakerism is a very small religion (just over 350,000 in the world), it is more of a set of guiding principles to live your life. As a Quaker, I believe in a few things. 
First, I believe everyone is equal. Everyone. Second, I don’t believe in violence – of any kind. Third, I believe there is goodness in all people – and it is up to me to seek out this goodness. This last point has been the most difficult for me to reconcile. Given the hatred I am witnessing, how can there be goodness? It has left me feeling sad, and searching.
But I also believe in dialogue. Having even the most difficult conversations is essential. You learn, you change your views and opinions, and are educated.
Over the next two weeks on mallowstreet, we are going to take  a closer look at how to drive change as individuals and leaders – at your organisation and as a society. We will look at it through multiple lenses – the ‘S Factor’ (think ESG) – sharing experiences and providing practical advice for what people can do today.  Most importantly, we are going to focus on having a conversation. I believe it is only through a dialogue that we can achieve true, systemic change.
Finally, as I mentioned on a LinkedIn post last week, I encourage everyone to check out Gavin Lewis and the #talkaboutblack #IAM campaign. As long-term supporters of this initiative, we recognise it is now more important than ever.
Join us for the next two weeks. Everyone has something to say, and insights to share. Let’s educate ourselves together.

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