The Silk Road Summit Series: Key Takeaways and Top Learnings

Pardon the Interruption

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This morning we hosted our third and final instalment of the Digital Silk Road Summit. We were joined by Bin Yuan who shared their approach to ESG, and Fiera Capital who gave a masterclass in how to access credit opportunities.

The questions and interactions throughout were fantastic, so thank you to everyone who participated and helped make today a success. 
Over the past three months, we have now had the unique opportunity to meet with six asset managers, who have shared their expertise and candid views on the political climate, as well as how they see the Chinese market evolving over the next five years.
Every session has provided a fascinating set of presentations and excellent discussions. I’ve enjoyed all of them immensely and have (at times) found myself so engrossed in the conversation that I’ve nearly forgotten my role as a moderator – they really have been that impressive.
I have seen with my own eyes that there is certainly interest in understanding how this market works. Pension funds are eager to understand what they don’t know, the questions they should be asking, and what is the best way to invest in and access the opportunities presented by China.
I have three questions for the community:
All of your comments and questions will be incredibly helpful in shaping our 2021 programme.

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