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Someone asked me last night how my day was. My response: "Awesome.” I can confirm it is exhilarating and terrifying (in equal measure) to stand up in front of an audience for a technology product launch. But that is exactly what we did.
Yesterday we introduced SOFI, our proprietary AI software designed for the investment industry.
At its core, SOFI analyses a meeting and generates a comprehensive array of metrics, applying six lenses – risk, return, liquidity, time horizon, portfolio fit and ESG – to conversations, showing where a presentation landed on each of these. SOFI allows you to build your own lenses, captures and categorises questions, provides meeting summaries and minutes, and highlights the key points discussed.

In addition to its game changing lenses, SOFI streamlines follow up. Consider this example: if you can save 30 minutes after every meeting, and you have 100 meetings a year, you can save 3,000 minutes – equivalent to more than a working week.
If you look deep into mallowstreet’s DNA you will find curiosity. You will find us asking questions, challenging the way we do things, and always asking the question – how can we make this better, how can we improve this?
Yesterday was one more step in a journey that began almost three years ago. What we showed to the audience was version 1 of 10. Each member of the team should be incredibly proud of their contributions. It isn’t often that you have the chance to work on a project that, I believe, is truly going to revolutionise our industry.
Great to meet you SOFI!

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