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At mallowstreet, we are often asked how we do so much with such a small team. The answer is simple – we look to see where we can use technology to save time.

Take meetings. An incredibly important part of our jobs, but they take up a lot of time. After a meeting, once you think about and distil the key points, write up the notes, circulate action points, update the CRM – the process takes about 30 minutes. If you have 15 meetings a week, that is nearly 8 hours dedicated to follow-up – or, an additional day in the week.

Our team has been using SOFI – mallowstreet’s bespoke AI tool – to record their meetings and then circulate the summaries internally and with clients. We’ve found it gives us the time to really think about next steps and focus on relationship-building, and it is giving us time back in our day – every day. 

See what we are up to. SOFI does a whole lot more – as a practical application of AI to our industry, it is designed to not only save time, but also to help check your messaging, measure performance, improve delivery and capture questions.

This is just the beginning. Check out SOFI today.

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