Did my message land?

Pardon the Interruption

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I think everyone asks this question. I know I certainly wonder if my message lands. Sometimes you have a really engaging conversation with someone, and you just know. But what happens when you are talking about something really complex – like an investment strategy, new asset class, or investment proposition?

CIOs and investors have told us that they need to understand six fundamental characteristics of any investment proposition: risk, return, liquidity profile, investment time horizon, portfolio fit, and ESG. That is why these six lenses are the pillars of SOFI. SOFI is our new AI tool that saves you time, checks your messaging, measures performance, improves delivery and captures questions.

Recently, we had a client who told us that they were really struggling with events – they didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. We ran their presentation through SOFI and immediately identified the misalignment of messaging. Having incorporated SOFI’s feedback, a few practice sessions later, they were ready for their next event. What happened? They were superb. They grabbed me and said, this event is amazing – I’m really getting through to people. We ran a fresh SOFI report, and sure enough, they had alignment on all the messaging. It sounds simple, but it is so important. If people truly understand what you are saying, they know how to take the conversation forward.

You can always ask your peers for feedback, but it is unlikely to be objective and consistent. Having access to objective and consistent feedback is essential to improving, and ultimately allows you to be better at your job, give you energy, and do the things you love. 

More stories to follow, and I’d love to hear your experience with practicing and preparing for a presentation. What’s worked for you, and what hasn’t? Want to run your presentation through SOFI and see the output? Drop me a line.

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