So True: ‘We must shape the AI tools that will in turn shape us’ 

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I read a great article in the FT weekend by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, entitled ‘We must shape the AI tools that will in turn shape us’. Reid puts the power of what’s coming into a wider context – namely, which technology has shaped our lives over the past 25 years? The internet and smart phones. He believes AI should also be on this list, and arguably, at the head of it.

The article resonated with me because he makes the point that ‘the answer to our challenges is not to slow down technology, but to accelerate it’.  Given the fearmongering around AI, this might seem counterintuitive at first, but he has a point. With all of the investment in AI, we now have the power to ‘shape the tool that will shape us’. We have the power to make it better, and help us answer some of the bigger problems we are facing as a broader society.

I’ve said before that people fall into two camps: those who believe AI will destroy humanity and those who believe it will usher in a utopia. Reid argues that we should move away from choosing a side at this stage, and instead, work to help design AI to be a tool that will help us in the years and decades ahead. I’m with him on this one.

I’d love to hear how you are adopting AI technology in your life (either in your personal life or at work). Feel free to share your experiences!

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