What happens when you miss a key point in a meeting?

Pardon the Interruption

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It has been powerful to watch clients use SOFI – the AI tool we created to help save our clients time, check messaging, improve delivery, monitor performance and capture questions. The stories they have shared with us are powerful, with a clear immediate impact. 

Last week, I was presenting in a meeting, using SOFI. After, I logged into SOFI to see the analysis because I told the client I’d share a copy of the summary. I copied and pasted this into an email and clicked send. Within minutes – a ping in my inbox. The subject line was changed to ‘WOW’ – and the client wrote: “what a true summary of our discussion – please send more details!”

I read the summary and yes, it was incredibly accurate – and the top five points that were summarised were bang on. We had a great discussion, and when I reviewed my checklist (which makes sure I covered specific points), SOFI told me I’d missed one crucial point. 

I wrote back explaining the point I’d missed (which they hadn’t asked for), which helped fill in a gap in the discussion. In all honesty, it was a pretty crucial point. The client wrote straight back saying “of course, now I understand” – and just like that, invited me to present to their broader team. 

When we are time poor and in a hurry, it is easy to miss a point you want to make. I’m sure I’ve done it more times than I care to admit. We all make mistakes, and we can all improve. I know I certainly can.

SOFI gives objective feedback after every meeting and helps me with my follow-up – giving me time back in my day, allowing me to really focus on what is going to help my clients. Get in touch to see how SOFI can help you.

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