mallowstreet Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Indaba


Delegates are expected to attend the full event. We do understand that this is a time commitment in diaries. Please do let us know if you need to step away for a call/meeting.

mallowstreet is delighted to announce that we will be back with our first LGPS event of 2024. Our Indabas* combine a dynamic blend of industry experts, engaging presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and immersive masterclass sessions. The day will focus on the aftermath of the consultation period, offering valuable insights into how local authority pension schemes and pools strategically position themselves for the next five years and beyond. Join us for a day of forward-thinking, collaboration, and expert knowledge sharing.

This event is FREE to attend for investment decision makers and their advisers and is accredited for CPD points by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI).

*An Indaba (pronounced in-dar-bah) is an important conference held by the izinDuna (principal people) of the Zulu or Xhosa people. The term comes from a Zulu language word meaning "business" or "matter".

At mallowstreet we adhere to a principles-based approach to ensure a meaningful and respectful experience for all attendees. We believe that upholding these principles will contribute to a thriving and inclusive professional environment. Please review our Code of Conduct here: Code of Conduct



  1. Registration & Breakfast

  2. Welcome Address and SOFI Introduction

    Dawid provides an overview of the conference, speakers, and key themes for the Indaba. He will also give an introduction to mallowstreet's AI tool, SOFI.


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, mallowstreet

  3. Reversing the Flow – What the Burgeoning Private Wealth Industry can Teach us about Institutional Portfolio Management

    Sharing her insights from over 2 years as a CIO of a private wealth firm in the US – Moneta – Aoifinn will examine how these learnings can apply to the Institutional side of pensions. In the past institutional investors were at the forefront of sophistication and innovation, the playing field is now level, and private wealth clients and retail investors now have many of the same opportunity sets for investment as institutional investors.

    Aoifinn will look into the recent and tremendous innovations on the product side (e.g. tech platforms such as CAIS and iCapital) and how large asset management houses are investing heavily in both product and client development. Such as one-stop-shop products such as K-PEC from KKR, which are now appealing to institutions seeking to mitigate their own J Curve and get easy access to an asset class. The tailored “human centred” approach to financial planning and how this is now starting to dominate and change the way wealth firms are managed – this involves consideration of the client’s investment psychology and preferences, and biases/behavioural preferences. 

    Ultimately, we will explore how best to balance the advantages of scale with the advantages of customisation, and how can we continue to play a role in educating clients where some biases may be detrimental to progress?


    Aofinn Devit, London CIV

  4. Session Transition

  5. Investment Masterclass I

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  6. Tea, Coffee & Networking

  7. Investment Masterclass II

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  8. Session Transition

  9. Long-term Investing in a Time of Uncertainty

    The geography of the pension’s world is ever-changing, from historically open DB schemes, to ‘good luck finding anything other than DC’. 

    However, for LGPS the landscape has an entirely different outlook.


    In this session, Richard will delve into the current investment landscape, offering insights and providing perspectives on how prudent long-term investors can navigate existing - seemingly elevated - uncertainty.


    Richard Tomlinson, Local Pensions Partnership Investments

  10. SOFI Introduction Part 2

    Dawid provides an overview of the conference, speakers, and key themes for the Indaba. Dawid will also lead a brief discussion about the potential for AI to radically disrupt and transform our business interactions in DC and further afield


    Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, mallowstreet

  11. Lunch and Networking

  12. A Fireside Discussion with Dawid and Andrien Meyers

    In this fireside chat, Dawid and Andrien will discuss the practical steps and strategies for implementing an impact portfolio across two funds in collaboration with the Local Government Pension Scheme Central Investment Vehicle (LGPS CIV). This session will provide valuable insights into integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into investment decision-making processes, while delivering positive social and environmental outcomes.


    Andrien Meyers, London Borough of Sutton Superannuation Fund (LGPS)

  13. Session Transition

  14. Investment Masterclass III

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  15. Tea, Coffee & Networking

  16. Investment Masterclass IV

    Delegates split into four Investment Masterclass sessions over the course of the Indaba.

  17. Session Transition

  18. Making Climate Scenario Analysis Decision Useful

    More and more people and companies are making a commitment to look after this world, after all there is no Planet B.


    That is also true of the pensions industry. In this session, Tony will address the recent surge in interest surrounding climate scenario analysis. However, he will also explore the potential peril of becoming immobilised by excessive focus on the details of the analysis, questioning whether there exists a risk of succumbing to "analysis paralysis.


    Tony English, Mercer

  19. Closing Remarks

  20. Drinks and Networking

  21. End