Revamp and Renewal: new functionality and new joiners keeping mallowstreet fresh

Pardon the Interruption

This article is just an example of the content available to mallowstreet members.

On average over 150 pieces of new content are published from across the industry per month on mallowstreet. Members get access to the latest developments, industry views and a range of in-depth research.

All the content on mallowstreet is accredited for CPD by the PMI and is available to trustees for free.

It has been a busy few months at mallowstreet, and we wanted to bring you up to speed on some of our key developments.

The Feed: major functionality update launching in June

Next month, we will launch a revamped version of – The Feed.  All of our blogs, forums, videos will be found in The Feed. We will continue to publish content generated by the community, by expert contributors, and by our own social media team.

We have also created a specific content portal for learning called the CPD Centre. This is a section of the site built to provide high-quality research and informative content for members, with the added bonus of tracking CPD time for trustees.

Both the mallowstreet platform and mallowstreet University events are PMI accredited and are eligible for PMI CPD credits.

Site Activity: a growing and engaged community

Welcome to the 42 new mallowstreet members, 50% of which who are trustees. We also saw more than 100 unique posts on mallowstreet, and the top 10 search terms highlight what is front of mind for trustees on mallowstreet.

Top 10 Searches in April

  1. Cashflow Management / CDI
  2. Defined Contribution
  3. Sustainability
  4. ESG
  5. Decumulation
  6. Diversified Growth
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Interest Rates
  9. Hedging
  10. Multi Asset Credit (MAC)

I’m also looking for a few more trustees to join our Expert Panel of 30 contributors who are signing up to share their thoughts and insights with the community via regular blog contributions.  This has been hugely popular so far, and I can’t wait to start seeing the pieces published on mallowstreet.  If you’d like to get involved, or learn more about this initiative, drop me a line.

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