Another step forward in solving the long-term pensions and savings crisis

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When I tell people about our business and how we are working to help solve the pensions and savings crisis, I’m sometimes met with a wry smile and sudden loss of eye contact. They quickly regain their composure, and the conversation continues with a semi-genuine, “Your team? How?”

Are we, a team of 12 people, going to accomplish this alone? Of course not. But by leveraging technology, the art of collaboration, and facilitating knowledge sharing, we are certainly achieving two key things:

  1.  Upskilling in DB Pensions: we are uniquely placed to help our community of over 3,000 members get up the knowledge curve, equipping them with the information to make better decisions today that increase the probability Mr and Mrs Brown receive their pension in 40 years’ time. Because isn’t that what we are all working for – to ensure that everyone has a financially secure retirement?
  2.  Innovating in DC Pensions: in a world where risk is shifting towards the individual, we are bringing the entire ecosystem together to help design investment products that are easy to understand, inexpensive, and provide a clear way for individuals to save toward their retirement.

In many ways, it feels like we are just starting our journey. We help our members access top quality education, build key relationships within the industry, and collaborate to tackle some of the larger problems this industry is facing.

On the education front, The Pensions Management Institute agrees with the quality of our content and has accredited the new-look website, and all of our educational events that run under mallowstreet University. Therefore, all the time you spend on or at a mallowstreet event is now pre-approved for CPD accreditation by the Pensions Management Institute.

Today marks the launch of the revamped, which incorporates cutting edge technology to facilitate easier interaction, and a unique CPD Centre to help trustees on their educational journey.

To all of our members: thank you so much for all of your continued support, contributions, and insights that you continue to share with your peers on mallowstreet. The redesigned website has been created for you, to help you in your professional roles, and to allow you to keep an eye on the beating heart of pensions – at your desk, or on the move.

I’m so proud of the mallowstreet team – they are incredible. As are their ideas, their excellent work, and what we achieve as a group. 

This is just the beginning. If you believe in what we are trying to do and want to help, join us on mallowstreet. I look forward to seeing you there as you become part of the effort to solve the pensions and saving crisis.

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